FARE Advisory Board

FARE’s work is rooted in building bridges and lifting up voices. FARE staff and advisory teams have evolved over time to include more residents and community-based leaders, and current staff and advisors are reflective of the communities we serve. Our work is guided by a strong network of approximately 30 committed advisors who represent a cross-section of sectors and organizations. Advisors work closely with staff to share emerging community needs and opportunities and advise FARE staff on the direction of the project and ways to strengthen and align efforts. They also serve as FARE ambassadors and strive to make the project as inclusive and participatory as possible by bringing in their own networks. FARE advisors helped to create the FARE planning report, set fundraising priorities, nominate mini-grant recipients and determine the grant distribution process, develop and adhere to our equity framework, and provide feedback on our work plans. The diversity of expertise and experience within the committee has been critical to FARE’s success.

Current Members

Alison Patrick
Alysha Ellis
Amanda Block
Amanda Osborne
Austreeia Everson
Brad Masi
Briana McIntosh
Cathi Lehn
Courtney Woelfl
Delores Collins
Doc Harrill
Eileen Salters
Erika Trapl
Frances Mills
Greg Durica
Heather McMahon
Heather Torok
Janice Ridgeway
Jennifer King
Joe Jerdonek
Karen Cook
Kim Scott
Linda Warren
Linda Zolten Wood
Marc White
Megan Meister
Michael Robinson
Michele Benko
Natoya Walker Minor
Risa Waldoks
Tina Robbins
Veronica Walton
Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Freshly Rooted LLC
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
The Ohio State University Extension
Blue Heron Productions
Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
The Ohio State University Extension
A Vision of Change, Inc.
ReFresh Collective
Body Ego LLC
Office of Minority Health and Healthy Cleveland
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
Garden Valley Neighborhood House
Swetland Center at CWRU
Coit Road Farmers Market
MetroHealth Systems
City of Cleveland, Planning Commission
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc.
Zolten Wood Designs
Rid-All Green Partnership
Neighborhood Family Practice
Rust Belt Riders
Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Chief of Public Affairs
The Ohio State University Extension
NEO Restoration Alliance/Food Depot to Health
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