Annual FARE Convenings

FARE differs from the status quo in Cleveland and is amplifying the power of the people to change the way things are done. We facilitate complex cross-sector partnerships and use culturally relevant community engagement and outreach strategies to increase participation and representation. We create space for grassroots and institutional stakeholders to connect and share resources, needs, ideas and best practices, building a sense of belonging to a broader movement in which everyone can contribute to collectively-identified outcomes that impact community health.

Today, FARE is filling an evermore valued role as a cross-sector convener and source of vision. Over the years, FARE convenings have followed an intentional trajectory, first unifying individuals within food-related program areas, then facilitating cross-program collaboration to create a strong food access movement, then expanding that movement to include additional social determinants of health. In addition to large convenings, FARE has brought in subject experts to host public trainings and strategic planning sessions, and has co-hosted neighborhood events including Common Ground conversations, film screenings, and communal meals. 

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