The FARE Team

The FARE staff team is a powerful assembly of committed, innovative Cleveland residents who are deeply connected to the neighborhoods where we work. Investing in our staff’s growth, skills, and capacity is a core priority for FARE. When hired, staff complete a comprehensive orientation and continue to participate in ongoing professional development. Our team serves as a true learning community that values transparency, self-reflection and shared leadership.

Wyndi works with FARE as a Bridge Builder. Her focus is to foster relationships between community members and the stakeholders within that community to build a well oiled system of change that elevates the voices of the collective community. She also works with Environmental Health Watch as the Relationship Liaison, in this role she supports projects, collaborations and researchers to foster a more sustainable dialogue and community network. 

Wyndi is the founder of A Seat At the Table, a project at Baldwin Wallace University that was created to address student food insecurity at the university. She is a graduate of the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program and sits on the board of Stone Soup Cleveland.

All this connects to her personal mission of ending food apartheid in underserved communities by creating a “healthy inclusive food system” in which community members hold the majority of seats at the table to build equity in their communities. Wyndi is a senior at Baldwin Wallace University and a Certified Community Health worker and will graduate in December of 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a focus on Public Health.

In her role with FARE, Ronnetta brings nutrition education programming and healthy food options to corner stores and community grocery stores in Cleveland and East Cleveland, raising awareness in the community about healthy living. She also supports the work of the Kinsman-Central Community Collective by partnering with grassroots organizations and community leaders to connect residents with healthy food and other resources. 

Ronnetta is creative, genuine, and an all around positive person. Ronnetta lives on Cleveland’s east side and is a mother to two boys. She is committed to helping others, strives to make positive changes in her community and challenges everyone to make difference.

Tanisha is passionate about gardening and is on a lifetime mission to make fresh produce available in Cleveland. Born and raised in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood, she recognizes the importance of working together to change lives for the better. She educates youth about entrepreneurship through agriculture with hopes of inspiring young people to continue school or possibly start a local business. As part of her role at FARE, Tanisha coordinates the Heart Smarts program, providing nutrition education, cooking demos, purchasing incentives and healthcare resources in corner stores and independent grocery stores.

She also provides support for the Community Collective on Cleveland’s near west side – building the capacity of community members to develop and lead their own projects that address access to healthy food and other determinants of health. Tanisha is also striving to be a change-maker for Latinx entrepreneurs, creating opportunities to support these independent business owners and the diverse cultures they represent in Cleveland. She is also the owner of Cleveland Fresh which produces indoor microgreens for restaurants and food entrepreneurs and helps establish and grow gardens throughout Cleveland.

Morgan Taggart began working as a community advisor to FARE in 2015 and now serves as Director for the project.  At FARE, she guides program design and implementation, provides technical assistance to local food access projects, and manages partnerships with local stakeholders.   Morgan is also the Director for Healthy Food Access Initiatives at the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at Case Western Reserve University. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Earlham College and completed her Master in Urban Planning, Design and Development at Cleveland State University.

In 2014, while working at a Philadelphia based food access organization, Bill conceived of and began implementing a project that would eventually become FARE. The project was rooted in years of program development and hands-on research leading to a theory of change grounded in evidence that a comprehensive and holistic approach to food access would be most effective; that the work needed to be grounded in a health equity approach; that a community-based and participatory framework would lead to the greatest impact and sustainability; and that partnering food access with other social determinants of health would lead to the most significant changes. 

From the beginning the project was designed and built with the intent of transferring the project to Cleveland-based and community-led leadership. In 2019 and 2020, FARE transitioned and became an independent organization led by Clevelanders.  Bill continues to serve as a heavily engaged advisor to FARE, supporting the work and the Cleveland team through visioning; grant writing; fundraising; program development; and strategic planning. 

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